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air charterAir travel is the fastest growing contributor to climate change - over the period 2002 - 2050, the overall contribution of air travel to climate change is expected to increase from 3.5 per cent to between 6 and 10 per cent. Forecasts from the UK government indicate that almost 500 million passengers annually will pass through British airports by 2030, one billion by 2050 and one and a half billion ten years later – up from 32 million in 1970, and 190 million in 2002. These forecasts imply that at least five new airport runways will be built.

Despite these trends, the government continues to do nothing to constrain air travel. Airport owners are encouraged to expand their operations; international air travel is exempt from the Kyoto protocol; aircraft fuel continues to be free of all fuel duties or VAT.

The single most effective decision you can take to reduce your impact on the climate is not to fly. In the absence of any leadership from government, we offer you the chance to pledge to limit the number of flights you take each year.

There are two pledges – gold and silver. If you sign the gold air charter pledge, you promise to take no flights in the coming year, except in a personal or family emergency. If you sign the silver pledge, you promise not to take more than two return short-haul flights, or one return long-haul flight, in the coming year – again, except for an emergency.

Our objectives

We are especially trying to target frequent, casual, short distance, short break, leisure flights - flights that are only possible because they are cheap; flights that are disproportionately polluting because most of the fuel is used getting to cruising height and then almost immediately landing; journeys that can easily be made by rail. Our objective is to sign up as many people as possible, firstly to reduce the number of aircraft movements, and secondly to show the government that there is a large number of people who are willing to voluntarily limit their flying and make an individual gesture to reduce their personal impact on the environment.

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